Letter to TEC

The following letter has been sent by 350 communicant members of the Church of England from 41 across dioceses, it’s signatories include 2 bishops and 39 Members of the General Synod.

Dear Sir

Mr Nye has mistakenly sent the wrong letter to you regarding your invitation to comment on how your provision of same-sex marriage rites has affected the Church of England.

The one which the majority of us (according to research surveys on attitudes to same-sex marriage amongst English Anglicans) expected him to send simply says:

“Thank you for leading the way on this important issue.  We are grateful that you have recognised that not all married couples can have children and that a gender-neutral approach will enable us to become a loving and inclusive Church for all.  We still have a few problems to sort out over here with those who keep threatening to leave, but we know that your actions have given great hope to thousands and shown that the Church is not as homophobic as it can sometimes appear.”

We therefore want to publicly “dissociate” ourselves from Mr Nye’s initial response and are expecting “stringent consequences” as a result of his actions.

Yours faithfully

List of Signatories